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   I love facilitating workshops that open up new spaces for people to explore. Whether I'm writing with first-time poets, using art to help schools kids tackle serious issues, or supporting vulnerable trans & non-binary people, facilitating never ceases to be exciting, refreshing, and challenging. Among others, I've been lucky to deliver sessions for English PENKing's College London, SPECTRAand QueerCircle.

   Please get in touch if you would like to book a workshop from me!

Beyond Equality is a charity that works with boys and men to explore the privileges and pressures of being socialised as a man. 

   We uses a variety of activities that encourage participants to identify and think critically about the gender stereotypes they are being asked to fit into.

   In doing so, we empower the next generation to take gender-based oppression seriously and begin the self-work needed to break down the patriarchy - work which boys and men have a fundamental responsibility of contributing to.

   This BBC podcast explains a little further.

For 6 years I've helped deliver Small Nose's Holocaust Memorial Day project. 

    We work with primary school children to devise pieces of theatre in response to the Holocaust and other genocides. These are then performed at the Holocaust Memorial Day ceremonies in the children's council.

   In this way, we keep alive the stories of past atrocities whilst resisting the possibility of them occuring today. In an increasingly polarised world, with rising right-wing violence, education is our tool. I have been honoured to see first hand how willing children are to use that tool for the benefit of their community. And have learnt a lot from them about how to face up to injustice.

Through this project I deliver sex & relationships education that is sex positive, trauma informed, decolonial, and non-binary.     

   Which is a long way of saying it's the kind of radical sex ed that we all needed and that none of us got. 

   I really enjoy getting to have frank and open conversations with young people about sex and all the things surrounding it. These conversations are very much student-led, and the focus is on supporting them to work it out for themselves. 

   Sex & relationships is a field full of condescension towards young people. This work is crucial in revealing this to be a lie, and undoing the damage it causes.

"Tom has a deep respect for, and is constantly nurturing their curiosity! That level of openness makes them such a wonderful facilitator and authentic presence."

 - Mark Curtis, Artistic Director of Small Nose Productions

"Tom curated a really accepting and safe space in which the medical conference attendees could play with language and characters freely. It was eye opening for us all and we came away with a renewed curiosity"

 - Mandeep Singh, King's College medical student

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