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Page Poetry

Poetry on the page is an art form first accessed by the eyes. You have to look at it to read it. As I develop my style on the page, I'm keen to produce a poetry that respects this visual nature of the written word. A photopoetry that speaks with more than just dictionary definition. 

This article of mine explains a bit my thoughts and process on photopoetry, and the pieces below are an example of how it looks. Ive been lucky to write poetry with partner organisations like the London Transport Museum, The Science Gallery, and Spread The Word.

as layers. Stripped

IMG_8643 copy copy.jpg

2 people come together and undress themselves. They are alone, and free from interruption. What goes on between these 2 people, who have trusted each other with their body? 


"as layers. Stripped" is photopoetic exploration of intimacy, trust and the naked body. Sex dominates our relations to each other as living, feeling bodies. But what happens if we pause this intimate moment? What new relationships might we form without sex as an excuse to see each other, naked?

This handmade concertina book unfolds all the way out. As a reader, you have the choice of how to read. You could open it out like a huge bedsheet and see its entirety. Or pick your way through the pages like little worlds. The book is naked to your decisions, and trusts you to enjoy it.


You can buy this pamphlet here, or find it in the National Poetry Library's reference catalogue.

As with all my work, free digital copies are available to all trans/non-binary people.


as layers. Stripped, 2019
Concertina book, with poetry and photograph

self-published and available for sale on my bandcamp 

Jazz Stroud, 2019
Lyrics are those of the artists photographed, performed at Jazz Stroud 2018, as part of Footshooter's takeover

Bread & chorizo.jpg

Bread & Chorizo, 2018

Published by The People's Recipe Book

Stage Poetry

I started writing poetry for the stage, and still really enjoy performing poems for people (as opposed to full on experimental theatre or aggy punk rap). There are a bunch of videos of me doing this online, mostly under the name Slam The Poet, but here are some of my favourites:

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