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I love how prose lets me take an experimental angle into weighty, intellectual subjects. I think very theoretically about my writing, and this is the space where I can be most open with that - fusing conceptual and sensual language. I write a lot about aesthetics, masculinities, and gender justice, using every opportunity to queer everyday assumptions. After wanting to write more from, for, and to transness, I've produced my first book of prose work: here, translucently.


In 2020, J.K. Rowling speaks out publicly against trans people.

In 1967, Roland Barthes resurrects a ghost and changes the course of literary theory.

In 1830, Honoré de Balzac describes a gender bending singer.


here, translucently takes a trans lens on these people and events, asking what trans/non-binary people can do in the face of our erasure. What does it mean for transness to write itself, when our voices are so readily collapsed, retold, erased?


This book is a fantasy quest to reclaim my dignity and inheritance; it's an essay in search of a history and ancestry that is uniquely trans (trancestry); it's a poem from the depth of a voice whose power and presence only grows with each erasure.

here, translucently is a collaboration with Bok Bindery. Each book is printed and bound by hand, with a 3 stitch binding of coloured thread. Each softback cover is a unique piece of marbling by Sam Petherbridge.

As with all my work, free digital copies are available to all trans/non-binary people.

Physical copies can be purchased here.

Essays and Articles:

 - Trans Liberation Will Take More Than Getting Our Pronouns Right, Oestrogeneration 2022

 - The Men's Movement Is Failing Trans People, Shado Mag 2021

 - How Sexual Violence Reinforces Patriarchal Power, Promundo Global 2021

 - The Progressive Frontiersman, Promundo Global 2021

 - The Master Leaving His House, Promundo Global 2020

 - The Man With Hammers for Hands, Promundo Global 2020

 - Coming Out of Lockdown, Salty Magazine 2020

 - For the Eyes: Towards a Poetry of Materials, Lonely Table 2019

 - For the Word: Poetry as Plastic, Lonely Table 2018

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