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Understanding Eleanor

Understanding Eleanor is a project researching and writing the life of Eleanor Rykener, a transfem who lived in fourteenth-century London. Everything we know about Eleanor is from the record of their interrogation. Like many trans people, theirs is a life utterly erased by fears and desires of those around them.
   I want to help people understand Eleanor. Mine is an intimate history, where readers build an affective relationship with the past. It uses experimental methods and unorthodox sources to tell Eleanor's life in the everyday, embodied detail with which it was lived.

PLEASE NOTE: This project is still in draft. I've sent you this private link because I trust that you won't share it publicly, so please keep this to yourself.

Manuscript: Understanding Eleanor

Understanding Eleanor began as the dissertation research for my Queer History MA.
I was awarded Best Dissertation for it, and continue to develop the project as an
Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Queer History.


Workshop: Queer History & Creative Writing

Writing the life of someone like Eleanor means designing new historical methods.
This workshop is an opportunity to share and experiment with these methods, encouraging others to form their own intimate relationship with history.

See the pitch below for more information

To book a workshop, email


Public Events

Workshops delivered at:
- Camp Trans, 2023
- Queercircle, London, 2024
- The Bittersweet Review, 2024

Talks given at:
- Goldsmith University, London, 2023
- Auto Italia, ft. Juliet Jacques, 2024


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